In addition to Dr. Laura’s chiropractic training where she studied organic chemistry, biochemistry and nutrition Dr. Laura polak has finished 100 hours in Applied Kinesiology, most people know as “muscle testing”, received a certificate in nutrition response testing, NRT, and has taken many courses in pharmaceutical nutritional supplements and herbs.

Because of the many different diets and styles of eating out there, Dr. Laura has come to honor and respect that each and everybody has an optimum way of utilizing his or her food. There is no one diet that is best for any individual. We are constantly evolving in our relationship and bio-chemistry thorough our lives. For instance; at one point a woman in her early 20s may need to eat red meat to assist in an iron deficient anemia during her cycle. But that same woman in her late 50s may thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Dr. Laura specializes in helping you understand the chemical changes that can occur by our hormones, digestion and assimilation of foods and interactions with the body.

She provides assistance in foods and medicines in every form.

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